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The Melrose Garden Club was organized in April 1961, by a group of women interested in improving their community. The Club grew as the neighborhood developed and the membership increased.

In 1973, the Club organized a meeting with representatives of Melrose, Shaftesbury, and Longbranch, resulting in a non-profit corporation which planned and built the Sha-Mel-Lon Recreation Center for the community, with the Garden Club doing the landscaping.

During the 1979-80 Club year, the Melrose marker at the entrance was designed by Nancy Bethany, a Club member, and was constructed and erected with funds earned by Club members through various fund raising events. 

In 1974, as a direct result of the efforts of the Melrose Garden Club, the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina enacted Act no. 1022, declaring Melrose, Longbranch, and Shaftesbury Subdivisions in Charleston County a Bird Sanctuary. In 1978, Every home was given the choice of a dogwood or a crepe myrtle tree for their yard. Club members financed this project through their fund raising efforts from Boutiques and Holiday House Tours. In 1982, with 12 nesting boxes, the Club established and has since maintained a Bluebird trail. 

Within the community, Club members actively maintain the grounds at the entrance marker, schedule neighborhood clean-up days, sponsor an annual Easter Egg hunt for the neighborhood children at the Recreation Center, and recognize outstanding neighborhood gardening efforts with "Yards of the Month". 

The Melrose Garden Club makes monetary contributions to World Gardening/CARE, The Hesse T. Morrah Scholarship Fund and the Nature Conservancy/Land Trust. 


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Our community is located in an outlying area south of the City of Charleston, South Carolina and consists of three adjacent subdivisions - Shaftsbury, Melrose, and Longbranch. 

The Sha Mel Lon Recreation Center is located in the Melrose subdivision and welcomes members from the surrounding area. THe established neighborhood features a strong community with growling families. 

Sha Mel Lon Recreation Center is anchored by a junior olympic pool that was the vision of the Garden Club in 1972. 

Today Sha Mel Lon finds new energy mixing with a strong community to keep the fun going for years to come. 
We can't wait to have a fantastic summer with you and your family!

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